What Is A Movable And Immovable Property Valuers?

An appraiser is a professional who performs inspections to determine the current market value of property and/or land . The role of appraiser can be entrusted to a real estate agent or to an independent professional. Typically, these act on the instructions of a seller or lending institution that plans to finance the purchase.

Buyers can also appoint an expert to carry out a property appraisal if they are considering buying a property, in addition to structural studies that assess its physical condition. Local authorities may also use assessors to establish tax and pricing levels. In addition, assessors may be appointed to carry out the residual valuation of land, that is, to determine the value of land with development potential.

Property Valuers

Experts generally draw up a property valuation report in the form of a report, with photographs , clear indications and plans. Some of the details an assessor may record include:

– The location ;

– Measurements of the boundaries of the building and the site;

– The number of rooms, layout and layout;

– The general condition of the building;

– Any significant improvement made;

– Structural defects;

– Any landscaping;

– Any scheduling or other restrictions;

– Any potential or opportunity for exploitation.

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